A drawing of me. I am white, with long brown hair and wearing round gold glasses.

A very indulgent drawing I did of myself after a studio ghibli film binge.


Solita here! (she/her)

Fun fact, I am named after a Danish brand of orange juice. Which is quite funny, because I actually absolutely loathe citrus fruits.

I'm in my twenties and do, fittingly, live somewhere in Denmark. I have a little flat that I love dearly and fret over constantly.

If you couldn't tell by my design choices; I love the sea. And just nature in general. I've spent a lot of time on sailboats throughout my life, and plan to keep it that way.

The site:

This website is my first proper coding project, and while I've had a major interest in universal design for a long time, this is my first real foray into learning about accessible website design.

A friend turned me onto neocities and discovering this part of the Internet has been an absolute joy! I, like many, have been growing quite discontent with modern social media.

How to reach me:

I have mostly distanced myself online, but you can find me on:

My interests:
  • Musicals
    • Paticullay Stephen Sondheim musicals
    • And William Finn musicals
  • Inclusive/universal design
  • Minecraft
  • Decorating my home